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  • Our mission is the preservation, restoration and refinishing of firearms.
  • To bring about the "look" the way it was done during the original manufacturing process.
  • We currently use the two basic types of Parkerizing: Manganese Phosphate and Zinc Phosphate.
  • To give you the best quality product in the shortest amount of time.
  • To make your firearm look and appear brand new.
  • To give your firearm a better appearance and better wear resistance than black paint and bluing.
  • Parkerizing is also a great choice for hunting type firearms.
  • To become the "One Stop Shop" for all your refinishing needs from the metal to the wood and even parts as well as "Build-Ups."

Parkerizing Colors

The greenish or brownish hue sought by many collectors is a result of oxidation and long term storage. Dirt, Humidity, Cosmoline and Solvents as well as other factors played a part in giving the firearm its distinct hue of green or brown.

Due to different manufacturing and heat treating techniques, the final color may vary slightly. The "Temper" of the metal plays a major role in the color of the final finish as well as many other factors.  One persons definition of a color may vary from another persons definition, so please keep this in mind. Great care has been taken to keep the colors constant and as close to the original finish as possible.  So because of the above mentioned traditionally Zinc Phosphate will come out Gray to Dark Gray; Manganese Phosphate will come out Dark Gray to Black.

  • Manganese coatings normally finish a dark gray to black that can be "Blackened," "Greened" or "Browned."
  • Zinc coatings normally finish a charcoal gray to dark gray that can be "Blackened," "Greened" or "Browned."
  • In most cases firearms will be disassembled, cleaned (As Needed), bead blasted, cleaned again, parkerized and reassembled. Additional or extra fees may apply.
  • Firearms are shipped FedEx, UPS or US mail. (All ATF and carriers shipping regulations apply.)
  • Shipping costs may vary.
  • Indiana sales/use tax (7%)may apply.
  • * A great way to cut down on the final cost is: customer drop off and pickup (Please Call First), a "cleaned" weapon and a "disassembled" weapon.*
  • Prices may vary on Baked On Finishes and Heated "Cold Bluing" and Powder Coating; as new services arrive prices are not set yet so please call for an estimate.
  • Prices may vary on Stock Refinishing and Stock work; so please call for an estimate.
  • KRC Refinishing also offers Cosmoline removel services and heated Linseed oil baths for stocks; so please call for an estimate.

  • $90.00 Base and up (type) (includes: media blasting, second cleaning and parkerizing.)(both types)*** Listed prices are for rifles; pistols will be less. ***
  • +$45.00 and up (type) For first cleaning if needed or media blasting, or bluing removal.
  • +$40.00 and up (type) For disassembly and reassembly.
  • +$90.00 and up (type)for ***Manganese*** and Zinc "Blackening"
  • +$90.00 and up (type)for "***Green or Brown***" hue.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • For additional parkerizing services and options to non-firearm products, please call for an estimate.
  • 15% plus S&H and taxes for restocking fees if required. (***Owner's Discretion***)
  • ***A Disclaimer / Disclosure form must be signed by the owner before proeeding with Manganese Parkerizing, Manganese "Black" Parkerizing or Color Hue.*** Call for Details!
  • ***If prices are not the same as personally quoted please call!***
  • In the event that a "redo" is requested an additional fee(s) will be accessed (normally due to problematic Tempers)
  • For plating removal services and prices please call or E-mail.
  • Offering Stage 1 and Stage 2 Baked on Finishes including Powder Coating