KRC Refinishing

Giving rust something to think about.

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M1 Carbine done in Manganese.

Most of our M1 Carbine customers prefer the Manganese (Black) look.


M1 Garand done in Zinc with green hue.

Most of our M1 Garand customers prefer the Manganese (Black) look; though some M1s were done in Zinc (gray). This M1 was done in Zinc. The green hue was put on top of the Zinc, thined out to the desired shade, dried and is now permanent. Historicly, this is too green. KRC's greening process is "shadeable" unlike others.


KRC Refinishing Stage 2 O.D. Green "Firearm Build - Ups" Laser sight, Side-Saddle, Pistol Grip, Sure Fire Light, Heat Shield.


HK clone in Zinc


Type 3 Manganese; Type 1 Zinc


Now taking orders!  Built up Firearms for sale!  E-mail for details!  Also, items for sale will also be on "GUNBROKER!"


Plain sight Manganese; G.L. sight Zinc

When it comes to STG-58's, FN-FAL's and L1A1's the difference is slight to the normal eye. In the pictures of the STG's the "furniture" is done opposite to give them an appealing contrast.